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Apr 18 - Apr 19    Cancelled
Montezuma Castle Conservation Work  -  Montezuma Well maintenance  -  Camp Verde & McGuireville
We are still discussing the actual work with the Park staff. Will update this when we have more information. We are likely to work in the garden, some cleanup of the irrigation canal, and possibly some trail work. Also of course we will have the best camping spot in Arizona, the best camp food ever, and the Sunday Regatta!
  Montezuma Well, a unit of Montezuma Castle National Monument preserves pre-historic Sinaguan cliff dwellings, pueblo ruins, and a 1,000 year old irrigation canal. Located on the banks of Beaver Creek, Montezuma Well is home to species of animals found nowhere else on the planet and is a joy for bird watchers.

The Well is continuously replenished by underground sources that remain a bit mysterious. Montezuma Castle National Monument and downstream land owners still rely on water from the Well transported through this ancient canal. It is the obligation of the Monument to remove weeds and sediment that will restrict flow if left unchecked.

Camp in a beautiful, shady, grassy picnic grove. Modern restrooms with toilets and running water. Coffee service on Saturday, dinner on Saturday and Sunday breakfast provided.

Thanks to our host: Montezuma Castle National Mounment
Map with directions by Google

Montezuma Well
Difficulty Rating: Moderate
Minimum Age: 16
Age Group: All Ages
Max Group Size: 3
Volunteers Needed: 15
Contact Person: Sue Thiebes
sue.thiebes@gmail.com   602 677 2407


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