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VOAz Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona?
The mission of the Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona (VOAz) is to increase community involvement in environmental stewardship through participation in and support of volunteer work that preserves, protects and enhances public and other protected lands of Arizona.

Why do you have "Members Only" registration
VOAz depends on membership dues to support its program. One of the perks of becoming a dues paying member is that you gain access to VOAz events before non-members. Some events fill with members. Click for more information and to join.

What is the relationship between VOAz and "OutdoorVolunteer.org?"
OutdoorVolunteer.org is a service of VOAz that allows other outdoor stewardship organizations to recruit and register volunteers though a consolidated searchable Events Calendar. It provides you with an even broader range of opportunities to choose from. Read more about OutdoorVolunteer.org.

If I am on your mailing list will you give my address to anyone else?
No. Please read the VOAz Privacy Policy.. VOAz requires the minimum amount in information needed to create your account (name and a username and password you control) and maintain communications (email address and phone number). We also need a birth year for reporting to some grant sources.

How do I participate in VOAz?
Create an account with VOAz and then sign up for project events. You will be notified of new events via email, unless you change your account settings to decline this service. The personal information you provide will not be shared with any other organization. Please read our Privacy Policy.
Link to create your personal account.

What skills do I need?
For most events you need some degree of mobility and eye-hand coordination. Seriously, we provide any orientation and training you will need. We take special pride in helping volunteers build quality trails from their first trail event. We occasionally advertise for specific skills and when you create a VOAz account we ask you to tell us about the skills you could contribute to VOAz projects.

What tools do I need?
Normally, none. On occasion we may ask volunteers to bring tools many are likely to have.

Some of your trips are over night. I don't have camping gear
Thanks to a donation from REI, VOAz has a few tents and sleeping bags for loan. Contact the Event Manager/Contact Person about obtaining these items for a VOAz event.

May I attend for the less than the entire work period?
Preference is given to those who can participate in a full work day--usually about six hours of work. The on-line registration form allows you to indicate which days on a multi-day event you plan to attend. However, the event description may require a minimum commitment. If you want to attend for less than a full day, note this in the Comments field of the registration form. The Event Manager will contact you if this is not possible.

The selection of the search menu of the Events calendar seem to change from time to time. Or, it does not have the type of events I am looking for. Why?
The search tool only shows options under region, type of work and agency when there is a matching opportunity. Thus, if there are no events for Eastern Arizona, that selection will not appear in the drop down under "Region."

How hard is the work?
It varies, but most events can accommodate a wide range of abilities. Event ratings are the technical staff's best estimate. Event descriptions and fact sheets may include more detailed information. We need people to help with event management and food service, which might suite you if you like to get out but don't want to do the harder work. See our description of Leadership and Support opportunities.

What does it cost?
Your own transportation, a good pair of work gloves and shoes, food that the event does not provide, and willingness to work are your obligations. Occasionally there may be fees associated with overnight facilities. We may ask for donations at events to cover special costs. Note that mileage and material costs are Federally tax deductiblebut not donated labor. VOAz reserves the right to charge admission to events.

Are children welcome?
On most regular events, children in small numbers can usually be accommodated. Children must be accompanied by an authorized adult whose primary responsibility is their supervision. A minimum age, if any, is usually indicated at the web calendar. Please contact the Event Manager (Contact Person) if you want to participate and bring children under the stated minimum age.

Are pets welcome?
Rarely and only with the Event Manager's permission.

Special dietary needs and VOAz food service
VOAz food service strives to be nutritious and tasty, within the allowable budget. We always provide a vegetarian option. All food service is done by volunteers, so going beyond these basics must be left to the discretion of the person(s) preparing the meals. You are welcome to make special requests, and it is possible the event chef can respond. Otherwise, please come prepared to supplement VOAz items with your own special dietary requirements or preferences.

How do I get to an event?
You are responsible for arranging your own transportation to the designated check-in point. Ride sharing among registrants is facilitated by the registration process for out of metro area events. VOAz organizes volunteer transport from a check-in point to a work area when necessary. Volunteers often meet people at VOAz events with whom they subsequently coordinate transportation with for other events. Even better, invite a friend with wheels to come with you!

Can members of my club or organization sign up for an event?
You may register up to the maximum shown at the event description and the form when you register on line. If you want to bring a larger group and asking every person in the group to personally register is not practical, get in touch with the Event Manager/Contact Person shown at the event description. Organizations serving young people should call to make sure that the nature of the work is appropriate. Group leaders in such instances will be responsible for obtaining waivers and medical release from parents or guardians and making certain all members have appropriate clothing, water, and food as described in the project fact sheet.

Members of a group may sign up as individuals and indicate their affiliation in the Comments field of the registration form. This is a good way to "bring a group" because each individual is responsible for reading the orientation materials. This allows each volunteer to better understand what he/she is committing to. It reduces the chances of canceling or simply forgetting about the commitment. If an event closes because it is full, "no shows" may exclude people who want to participate and may make it harder to complete our work objectives.

Can you do a special event for my corporation or club?
It depends on our schedule and the nature of the project. This can only be done at an active VOAz project site and may involve a fee. Please contact us.

How do I make a donation?
We thought you'd never ask. VOAz is incorporated and recognized as a public charity or 501-c-3 tax exempt organization by the IRS. You may make a tax-deductible contribution in any amount to VOAz. You may donate on line or by check. A great way to donate is to become a member, which gets you early access to project registration. Click for more information and to make your donation.

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