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Cave Creek Trails

We were hoping this would lead to a return to a large project in Cave Creek. Alas, that will not be likely. Jewel of the Creek, P.A. Seitts, and Caroline Bartol Preserve all have important early work by VOAz.

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Completed Work
Number of Events: 2
Total Volunteer Hours: 215
Total Participants: 20
Project Outputs
Feet of rock wall built: 9
Hardened drainage(s) built: 100
Feet of new trail built: 1000

Completed Event Reports

November 9, 2013  Surrey Road link to Cave Creek Regional Park
Surrey Rd - Cave Creek Nov 11 2013

Nine volunteers built over 100 feet of crib wall and hardened nine drain scuppers as we finished this small reach of trail linking the town to P.A. Sietts Preserve and Cave Creek Regional Park. Thanks to Julie, Jim and Mike for Crew Leading and Janet for the delicious sandwiches. We celebrated Sandy's 50th VOAz event. Unfortunately, she had to leave a little early and missed the champagne, cake and a Budapest String Quartet special performance.
Total Volunteer Hours: 65    Total Participants: 9
Event Outputs
Feet of rock wall built: 9
Hardened drainage(s) built: 100

October 11 - 12, 2013  Surrey Road link to Cave Creek Regional Park
Cave Creek Oct 2013

We filled two large dumpsters with tree and plant cuttings to open 1,000 feet of corridor. About nine drain dips were cut in to move water sheeting off the adjacent road onto the new trail into a dry wash that parallels the trail. All of this was done by ten volunteers working one or two days plus our mini-excavator an its operator. Truly amazing crew effort.

Thanks to Marilyn for the lunches and to Bob Harper for providing a chain saw and replacing a missing bolt on the excavator bucket. Gail did a very thorough photo documentation of the process. Gail and Mike G helped with gear return to the warehouse.

We started rock crib walls and drainage armouring. We will complete this work in November 9.
Total Volunteer Hours: 150    Total Participants: 11
Event Outputs
Feet of new trail built: 1000

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