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Jun 22 - Jun 25
Invasive Species Monitoring and Control - Aravaipa Canyon-June Riparian Restoration - Aravaipa Canyon: East
During this trip we are continuing our work to remove the invasive plant vinca (or periwinkle) from the understory of the creek banks. This will require digging and fastidious removal of root material, with tools provided by Sky Island Alliance. We will be working in areas that have been previously cleared and potentially in some new spots as well. For more info, or to register, please follow the web link.
Contact: Bryon Lichtenhan   bryon@skyislandalliance.org   520-624-7080 ext. 27
Read More: https://skyislandalliance.givezooks.com/events/aravaipa-canyon-june-riparian-restoration
Offered by: Sky Island Alliance

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