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Dec 16 - Dec 18
Native Species Restoration - Walnut Planting for Gray Squirrels - Upper Bear Canyon, Santa Catalinas
The Santa Catalina grey squirrel (a subspecies of the Arizona grey squirrel) is in decline throughout the Catalinas and Rincons, but we are hoping to give these beautiful animals a helping hand. With the help of the Forest Service and Borderlands Restoration, we are planting native walnut trees at several sites in the mountains to provide more of their favorite year-round food! For more info or to register, follow the web link.
Contact: Bryon Lichtenhan   bryon@skyislandalliance.org   520-624-7080 ext. 27
Read More: https://skyislandalliance.givezooks.com/events/bear-canyon-walnut-planting
Offered by: Sky Island Alliance

Jan 6 - Jan 8
Wildlife Linkages - Fence Removal at Buenos Aires NWR - Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge
Join SIA for a weekend out on the beautiful Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge as we improve habitat and connectivity for wildlife! We will be working to remove old barbed-wire fences from with in the boundaries of the refuge; fences left over from pre-refuge days. For more info, or to register, please follow the web link!
Contact: Bryon Lichtenhan   bryon@skyislandalliance.org   520-624-7080 ext. 27
Read More: https://skyislandalliance.givezooks.com/events/fence-removal-at-buenos-aires-nwr
Offered by: Sky Island Alliance

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