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Volunteer opportunities outdoors abound in Arizona. Build, repair, & maintain trails; restore wildlife habitat; and,
protect native flora and fauna with other volunteers of all ages and abilities who want to both enjoy and preserve nature.
VOAz is a community of outdoor volunteers who plan, manage, and complete worthy environmental stewardship work.

Mar 31 - Apr 3
Highline Trail Rehabilitation - BLM Natural Resources Youth Program - Payson
Members of the Bureau of Land Management Natural Resources Youth Program will work at See Canyon Trailhead to complete new buck & pole fencing around the parking area. This BLM program engages college students in a one year for-credit program learning about public lands management through classroom work and field experience.
Contact: Paul Paonessa   p.paonessa7@gmail.com
Offered by: Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona

Apr 4 - Apr 5
Highline Trail Rehabilitation - Corridor Clearing - 260 Trailhead
We will use powered and hand tools (no chain saws) to open corridor for new alignments on the Highline Trail heading west from the 260 Trailhead, which is the eastern end of the Highline. Work starts at trailhead. This is another pretty area of the Highline. Much of the existing trail follows the contours of the land so that walking in or out is much less arduous than much of what we have worked on to date.  VIEW DETAILS
Offered by: Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona

Apr 11 - Apr 12
Montezuma Castle Conservation Work - Irrigation Canal Maintenance - Camp Verde & McGuireville
The work will involve cleaning the ancient/historic irrigation canal and brushing the "trail" that follows the canal at Montezuma Well. Other cleanup and maintenance work may be added.  VIEW DETAILS
Offered by: Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona
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Enjoy Arizona in a whole new way with Volunteers for Outdoor Arizona. It is fun and good for your health to volunteer outdoors. Hands-on work to restore and protect native habitat enhances the integrity of local ecosystems, which can contribute to everything from cleaner water to greater opportunities for people to experience the joy of nature.

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